About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide quality hosting for an unbeatable price. With Skynode, you no don't have to worry about the hosting cost anymore and focus more on your community and things like advertising or getting a custom logo. We wanted to make the best possible hosting that all people can afford.
Our Team
Who is part of our team?

I founded Skynode together with Jesse in hope to provide cheap, quality hosting for all. I've played a lot of minecraft since 1.2.1, I owned my own little server back then playing with friends. I love coding, hanging out with friends, and chilling. I dedicate a lot of my time to Skynode and love every minute I spend with it. I love talking with everybody from our great community, all of which are my friends.
I'm the founder of Skynode, together with Stan. I have been playing and enjoying Minecraft since 1.4.2 and around 4 years ago I started a small home hosted factions server. The server grew fast and it peaked around 60 players early 2017. Unfortunately the playerbase mostly died and I sold the server to focus on Skynode. Now I want to share my expertise in Minecraft hosting and managing with everyone by offering affordable Minecraft servers.
System Admin
I'm a system admin and developer. I have a lot of experience working as system admin and am happy to be part of the Skynode team. I love to listen to music and play video games. I like FPS video games such as DOOM and CSGO. I started playing Minecraft since 2011 and love to play modded. I have managed multiple servers and consider myself to be an expert. I'm here to help you on this adventure!
I'm happy to say that I'm a developer at Skynode. I found Skynode from a friend and can say for sure I'm super happy I did. I love coding, building, designing, and hanging out with friends. I am very knowledgable about plugins and servers, and am a pretty decent builder. The team is so supportive, fun, helpful, and like a family. I hope to stay at Skynode for a while longer and help in whatever ways I can.
Support Team
Hey there, I am Ollie and I am a support member. I have known Stan for nearly a year now and Jesse for about 3 months. I met Stan through coding and met Jesse from his old server. From that, I gained a variety of knowledge about setting up servers and plugins along with ports and listening. I love helping people, so if you need help you can come to me!
Support Team
Support Team